Have you been searching long and hard for the perfect matzo ball soup?  US TOO!!!  Instead of continuing to search, we took matters into our own hands and decided to create it.  We took a family recipe and made it our own.  We spent all of 2018 perfecting our recipe, testing it on family and friends and finally ZUP was born.  We’ve been told, once you have ZUP you never go back to any other matzo ball soup!! Welcome to the ZUP family, we look forward to making all of your matzo ball dreams come true!

Meet Murray and Marvin!

Our Mighty Matzo Ball SOUPer Hero


Our Mini Matzo Ball SOUPkick!


Murray is not your typical super hero. When you least expect it, Murray swoops in to save the day. You’re sick and need some ZUP, here comes Murray to heal what ails you. You’ve had a busy week and don’t feel like cooking, there he is to aid you in your time of need. Your kids are tired of mac & cheese and chicken nuggets, Murray to the rescue. That diner/deli matzo ball soup just isn’t cutting it, you guessed it, Murray is at your service! Murray, making matzo ball dreams come true since 2018, WHAT A GUY!

Every super hero must have a side kick, Murray is no different!  Murray likes to keep it in the family, so he saves the day with his little brother, Marvin, by his side!  Marvin, like Murray, is always there to help you in a pinch.  He’s loved by adults and kids alike.  The fact that he is bitesized makes him OH SO LOVABLE!  Think of Marvin as the fun-sized matzo ball, adding the playfulness back into soup eating since the summer of 2019!