Debbie K.

I’ve never had matzo ball soup and had no idea what to expect of those fluffy little balls floating in my soup. I can tell you, the soup was delish and the balls…fluffy, not too soft and not too hard! Just right!  I’ve had several refills since my first taste and love it each and every time! How does Zup stand up to the competitors, are there are any? I brought some Zup to work…couldn’t keep my discovery all to myself! Jackie says, “I love Matzo Ball Soup and that soup is sooo good. Now I know where to order from!” Fred, our matzo ball expert, says “very good and matzo balls are a perfect consistency!” With the colder months approaching I know a few refrigerators that will be stocked! I’ve got one in the freezer right now. Always keep one on hand! Keep up the good work Zup kitchen!

Jim S.

“I love good soup, especially when it’s a tasty matzo ball soup.  I recently tried a bowl of “ZUP”, immediately followed by two more bowls.  Homemade quality in every respect.  Excellent!  Luv the bite size matzo balls.”

Aileen L.

Working  in NYC gives me easy access to the best Jewish deli’s you can find, and I can honestly say I have never had matzo ball soup like ZUP! It has the perfect blend of veggies and saltiness, and the Matzo balls are out of this world!!  Can’t wait for more!

Katie Z.

Just like the title says, this is MOST DEFINITELY THE BEST matzo ball soup I’ve ever had. I could live off of it.  

The Yoscos

Have you ever tasted something for the first time and it instantly feels like home? I’ll never forget the first time my family and I tried Matzo ball soup from Zup Soups. I had a sinus infection and I just wanted to have a relaxing dinner after a long day of running around with the kids. We sat as a family at the table, my husband and I with our two girls under two, as we try to do every night. I’ll admit some nights go smoothly and other nights not so much- which is to be expected! It was an instant favorite for all of us! It is nice to know that after a long day we can count on Zup Soups to have an easy, enjoyable dinner. It is delicious and nourishing. It is the kind of soup that you just know was made with love, only you don’t have to do any of the work! This is a go to meal on so many levels! For us, this is a fast, convenient, and guilt free alternative to “fast foods”.

Doug K.

Last night I tried the Matzah Ball soup and it was delicious.  Can’t wait to have another bowl.